Returning Your Spools

Altec3D are conscious of the environmental impacts of 3D Printing with spool waste being one of the largest contributors to its footprint. For this reason, we would like to allow our customers the opportunity to return their empty spools for reuse in the manufacture of filament at no cost or inconvenience to them. We think it’s important that rather than end up in landfill the spools are used again.

Due to the logistics involved and the environmental impact of returning spools, we want to make sure it’s a true net benefit for the environment. For this reason, the minimum quantity we can accept per return is 15 empty spools packed into one box.

Once you have collected at least 15 empty spools simply box them up and contact us via E-mail or call us and we can arrange a convenient weekday to arrange collection via DPD. You will not need to take the spools to a collection point and please feel free to send the spools exactly as received labels and all.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of manufacturing we are only able to accept Altec3D brand spools.

Think we missed something or have any further questions? Please feel free to contact us at or give us a call on 01288 357800.