Special FX Filament

Our new range of limited effects filaments featuring a variety of silk & glitter effects all manufactured to our ±0.03mm tolerance.

To achieve a shinier more glossy finish in the primary to your print, be sure to print at the higher end of the 190°C - 215°C range with fewer walls or in-fill as the trick to shiny finishes is in it's transparency.

For a deeper & richer print, you may wish to print with 2 or more walls and standard infill as you would with a normal matte filament.

Our Ultra Yellow filament is designed for prints that require high visibility & will print under normal PLA temerpatures.

Carbon Glitter is a new addition to our range & is formulated with pure carbon & glitter particles to achieve dark prints with a speckled effect. The glitter particle size is <0.4mm so will work in standard nozzles but where possible we recommend using a 0.6mm.

Product Range

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Material  Diameter  Colour  Quantity  Spool    Price
Availability Product Code
PLA1.75mm ± 0.03mmRuby Sparkle1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £19.00
(£22.80 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 06-01-1713
PLA1.75mm ± 0.03mmSapphire Sheen1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £19.00
(£22.80 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 06-01-1714
PLA1.75mm ± 0.03mmEmerald Flash1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £19.00
(£22.80 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 06-01-1715
PLA1.75mm ± 0.03mmGold Lustre1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £19.00
(£22.80 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 06-01-1716
PLA1.75mm ± 0.03mmPearl Shimmer1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £19.00
(£22.80 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 06-01-1717
PLA1.75mm ± 0.03mmUltra Yellow1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £19.00
(£22.80 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 06-01-1718
PLA1.75mm ± 0.03mmCarbon Glitter1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £19.00
(£22.80 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 06-01-1719
Samples available, please ask!