PETG Filament

PETG is a high impact polymer making tougher and stronger 3D prints than PLA.

It also has can withstand higher temperatures than PLA (and so requires slightly hotter print settings).

You'll find PETG just as forgiving as PLA to use, warping is not generally a problem, but it does tend to string or ooze a little. You might need to change your retraction settings to get perfect prints. It is recommended to decrease part cooling, 50% is a good compromise between strength & finish.

PETG is not biodegradable and is made from petrochemicals, so no Eco badge of honour here.... but it is supremely recyclable, just like Cola bottles.

Samples available now – please ask!

Recommended Printing Settings

Nozzle Temperature 220°C - 260°C
Heated Bed Temperature Required. 50°C - 80°C
Speed 45mm/s +
Enclosure Optional
Recommended Bed Surfaces BuildTak, PEI Coated Build Plate or Glass
Bed Adhesion Optional. Painters tape, Glue Stick or Adhesive Spray

Product Range

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Material  Diameter  Colour  Quantity  Spool    Price
Availability Product Code
PETG1.75mm ± 0.03mmWhite Wedding1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £18.90
(£22.68 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 06-02-1701
PETG1.75mm ± 0.03mmBlack is Black1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £18.90
(£22.68 inc.VAT)
<28 days. 06-02-1702
PETG2.85mm ± 0.03mmWhite Wedding1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £18.90
(£22.68 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 06-02-2801
PETG2.85mm ± 0.03mmBlack is Black1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £18.90
(£22.68 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 06-02-2802
PETG1.75mm ± 0.03mmBlue Velvet1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £18.90
(£22.68 inc.VAT)
<28 days. 06-02-1703
PETG2.85mm ± 0.03mmBlue Velvet750g (95m approx.)Recyclable PC £13.50
(£16.20 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 139-6122
PETG1.75mm ± 0.03mmRed Balloon1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £18.90
(£22.68 inc.VAT)
<28 days. 06-02-1704
PETG2.85mm ± 0.03mmRed Balloon750g (95m approx.)Recyclable PC £13.50
(£16.20 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 139-6510
PETG1.75mm ± 0.03mmGreen Grass1kg (325m approx.)Black PS £18.90
(£22.68 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 06-02-1705
PETG2.85mm ± 0.03mmGreen Grass750g (95m approx.)Recyclable PC £13.50
(£16.20 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 139-6995