Natural Beauty PLA Filament

Here we present naked PLA in all its natural beauty.

In its natural form PLA is pretty clear with a very pale straw hue. For thinner prints this hue is virtually unnoticeable. Depending on your nozzle temperature you may achieve a matt translucent to high-gloss/high-clarity result.

Please Note: We make our Natural Beauty PLA with a matt surface finish, which won't affect the clarity of your prints. We do this as it helps our laser micrometers 'see' the product and measure it accurately, so you get superb prints.

Print Tip
While it is not possible to get a completely transparent prints with Natural Beauty PLA, it is possible to improve the clarity of your prints with your slicer settings. We have found that our matt finish PLA starts to clear up with a nozzle temperature of 200°C and improves with higher temperatures. The fewer walls and less infill in your prints the better as these will begin to show the natural hue of PLA. Larger more defined layers are preferable as these will refract less light than smaller layers.

Product Range

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