Grey Day Filament

Not so much a weary, grey day but a solid, functional, uncompromising and uncomplicated mid-grey. Great for where Black and White are too severe, but your superb design does not need colour distractions.

Available in 1.75 or 2.85mm PLA, supplied on a spool.

Samples available - Please ask!

Product Range

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Material  Diameter  Colour  Quantity  Spool    Price
Availability Product Code
PLA2.85mm ± 0.03mmGrey Day1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £17.50
(£21.00 inc.VAT)
<28 days. 06-01-2803
PLA1.75mm ± 0.03mmGrey Day750g (250m approx.)Recyclable PC £12.50
(£15.00 inc.VAT)
In Stock. 139-1369